Sopogy introduces World’s first portable CSP unit called the “SopoLite™”

In late October we launched “SopoFlare™” a rooftop MicroCSP technology at Solar Power International in Anaheim.  We were humbled by the incredible response.  Just the web launch alone on had so much immediate volume that our site was overwhelmed and the servers crashed for 20 minutes!

SopoFlare™ is a unique product bringing concentrating solar power to the commercial and industrial rooftop, a market previously reserved for hot water or pv technologies.  In addition we designed an integrated roof rack mounting system which makes for easy and affordable rooftop installation by local contractors.  SopoFlare™ uses the proprietary features such as as our specialized tracker/controls, high speed manufacturing process and stow mode found in our award winning SopoNova™ 4.0 collector.   

With our staff still in recovery mode from the travel to Anaheim and busy with the follow up, we decided to go in a different direction with the launch of the World’s first portable MicroCSP system called the “SopoLite™”. 

Yesterday at the Maui Ocean Center, we launched “SopoLite™” a portable CSP system used for data gathering, portable renewable power or portable water desalination. 

SopoLite at Maui Ocean Center

Of the 56 VIPs invited, all but 2 made it. 1 from the local electric utility company and 1 was a legislator from the House of Representatives.  In addition we had a number of walk-ins creating a very diverse group of contractors, students, community leaders, business leaders and policy makers. 

SopoLite blessing

The program included a blessing of the SopoLite by Kahu Uncle Charlie who’s ancestors once lived in a Hawaiian village where the Maui Ocean Center stands today.  Sopogy’s Hawaii Manager Jon Ishikawa, a very, brief talk about Sopogy and our vision by me (didn’t want to keep the guests from our power house speakers), an excellent speech by Lori Mellenbruch the director of Sales & Marketing at the Maui Ocean Center, Deidre Tegarden representing the County of Maui and an inspired speech by Congressman Neil Abercrombie.    

Congressman Abercrombie at SopoLite Debut

The SopoLite was originally designed to help us create a global solar map, identifying locations where CSP technologies to be deployed.  The SopoLite gathers real-time data and sends information back to our corporate offices in Honolulu, Hawaii.  There our engineers are assembling a massive model of solar information which will make it easier and faster for our customers to achieve their solar goals.  In some ways, the SopoLite was similar to the Google Van which is helping create Google Earth.

Introducing SopoLite, the World's first portable MicroCSP system

In the 4 year development of the SopoLite however we discovered the technology was able to be used as a portable renewable energy device.  In this application the SopoLite can be deployed in a location such as a war zone or area devastated by natural disaster to provide power or even desalinate water. This brings a fast and renewable solution to our energy problems today.

Sopogy teaches the Youth Alliance how to use concentrating solar power to make SopoSmores

One of the highlights of the day was teaching the Youth Alliance how to create their own concentrating solar power systems to bake SopoSmores. 
Jon Youth Alliance 
Gloria-Energy Efficiency
The day wrapped up with Gloria from Energy Industries and Jon from Sopogy talking to the Youth Alliance about energy conservation and renewable energy.
Here are some additional pictures from the event:
Sopog Maui Ocean Center Speaker
Sopogy Maui Ocean Center Speakers

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