Honolulu Advertiser – Hawaiian Host goes Green with thanks to Energy Industries

Hawaiian Host can now boast solar-powered sweet

Hawaiian Host Chocolate Candies can now boast solar-powered sweets.

That’s because Hawaiian Host, Inc. is using electricity generated by photovoltaic panels at its Honolulu chocolate making factory and its macadamia nut processing plant in Kona.

The company, which specializes in chocolate covered macadamia nuts, contracted Energy Industries LLC to install two photovoltaic systems that generate a total of 200 kilowatts of renewable electricity from sunlight.

Hawaiian Host expects the move will also reduce its annual electricity consumption by 340,000-kilowatt hours and save $95,000 each year on its electric bills. The company entered into net energy metering agreements with the Hawaiian Electric Company and the Hawaiian Electric Light Company on Hawaii Island to feed into the electricity grids any excess power generated by the systems.

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