Help Happiness U!

If you could bring a little happiness into someone’s life who needs it, wouldn’t you do it?

My friend, author and renown life coach Alice Inoue, has created “Happiness U” a community designed to provide people the tools to live life in a way that is authentic and true for you, resulting in a more positive and ease-filled approach to life.  In other words, helping you unlock Happiness.

Happiness U is running an innovative Kickstarter campaign which you can check out and support at @Kickstarter  It’s a simple and easy way to start on your path to Happiness.

Studies have been shown that standing like a hero can make an individual feel more powerful.  So, a smile can make you feel happier, and that smile shared can bring light to dozens or even hundreds of people every day.  That’s the basic idea behind the “Happiness U Membership Scholarship Fund.” If you want to help spread Happiness, you may want to consider funding Scholarship Fund, like I did (via selecting “no reward” on Kickstarter).  This fund will help those who need a little financial boost to get into the program.  In return they must agree to pay the Happiness forward.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Wednesday 4/22 at 12PM HST so go now! (click the Happiness U icon at the bottom of this post).

Here’s a note from Alice.  Hope this post has brought a little Happiness to your day!


A Happiness U Scholarship Fund is in the works!

Posted by Alice Inoue
Dear Backers,As I write this, there are 233 backers to our project. We are so thankful for each of you and we can hardly wait to get your classes and books to you!!!For those of you who chose “no reward,” or pledged more than the award value, this weekend we created a Happiness U Membership Scholarship Fund which is for all the “extra” monies we received!!! So…people who want to commit to changing their lives, and don’t have the means, will have the opportunity to try for a full one year membership to attend Happiness U!Our plans are to have an application and screening process, and those accepted be held not only accountable to attend, but have to chose how they want to pay it forward. More details to come…but I want to thank Darren Kimura for suggesting this along with his generous pledge.He opened my awareness up to a WHOLE NEW AWESOME way to use our business as a vehicle for your donations to help others who can’t afford us! Stay tuned for more details as we iron it all out.We are SO APPRECIATIVE for this opportunity to further our social entrepreneurial vision thanks to your incredible generous donations.

This campaign ends on Wednesday (4/22) at noon HST. Thank you so much for your shares, positive words, and support.  We will continue to be in touch.


Alice and the Happiness U Team