Camp BizSmart 2010

Sopogy challenges Oahu Camp BizSmart students to create a portable, clean drinking water unit

July 26, 2010

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is more efficient and less costly than Photovoltaic panels (PV). CSP is a viable option to create drinking water from sea water. Students at Camp BizSmart will work in a team to design a portable, clean water unit using Sopogy CSP technology.

Camp BizSmart students will:
* Create a new application of Sopogy CSP technology that doesn’t exist today
* Design a unique, portable, efficient clean water ( from sea water) unit using Sopogy CSP technology
* Make the Sopogy “sea water to clean water unit” the machine of choice in disaster relief efforts.
* Evaluate competitors with similar products & list Sopogy protable calen water CSP machine features and benefits which will differentiate it to buyers.

Camp BizSmart Student Team Outcomes:

The students must design a portable unit that can be carried by a single adult at least 10 miles, operate in most climates with no other available source of power, be simple enough to be handled by rookies with only an hour of training. The unit must make water that is safe to drink. In addition, the students will create marketing and sales partnerships with existing solar distribution and utilities and a campaign. They will need to include partnerships with credible disaster relief organizations. Production cost per portable unit will not exceed $1,000. Time to launch: 1 year with 4 month milestone intervals.

Darren Kimura, CEO of Sopogy, will kick-off this business case challenge with the students on the first day of Camp BizSmart. Then the students will work to create their solution and new device, support it with a business plan and pitch it to a panel of judges in a business plan competition on the 9th day of camp. Mentors will coach the students on the various pieces of competitive analysis, market research, sales and marketing strategies, design, and budgets and public speaking skills.

With water being such a precious resource this is a challenge worthy of any student who wishes to create something innovative that can have great benefit and significant impact.

The Oahu Camp BizSmart session will begin at Iolani school and end at Punahou school and runs July 26-Aug 6, 2010.  Oahu students will have two different company business problems to solve – Sopogy in the energy efficiency space and  HopeLab in the health and fitness space.  Contact Mike and Peggy Gibbs Camp BizSmart founders for more information.  Camp BizSmart is a non profit social enterprise inspiring young entrepreneurs.

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