Best customer service!

I recently had some trouble with my Mac Book Air.  Despite the fact they had to send the MBA back to Cupertino to get it fixed, I had a great experience at the Genius Bar.  The “genius” was somewhat knowledgable but extremely pleasant and went the distance to be helpful.

With my MBA out of town, I synched my iPhone to my office PC and had some trouble w/ the iTunes library.  After an email to Apple they had it quickly fixed up.

Of course this could have been avoided entirely if the MBA worked but the experience has been a truly pleasant one.

For your reading pleasure here’s a copy of an email I got from the customer service representative:

Hey Darren,

Alex here again with the iTunes team.  You’re very welcome!  Nothing makes Apple happier than knowing that our customers are receiving the best possible customer service and I’m really glad I could help.

Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, we’re always available to address them for you.

Thanks for writing in again and have yourself a fantastic day!


iTunes Store Customer Support

Thank you Alex and everyone at Apple.

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