Are you in California now?

I get this question a lot these days, “Are you in California now?!” Since 2006, Sopogy has had a presence in Silicon Valley.  We have our Corporate and R&D operations in Hawaii and in Silicon Valley we operate our sales and manufacturing teams.

Since 2006, I had been going back and forth between Hawaii, California and everywhere else the company needed me to go.  This led me to do an analysis of my travels since taking the role at Sopogy.  Here’s what I found.  I spent over 64% of the entire past 10 years on the road (outside of Hawaii).  Of all that travel, I spent the 32% of the time in Silicon Valley, 17% in New York, 15% in London, 12% in India, 10% Singapore, 8% Tokyo and the balance everywhere else including the Philippines, Thailand, UAE, and across the USA.

All of that said, in our Series E financing, the lead investor required me to “officially” move to California so I have been changing my social media status on Facebook, Twitter to Silicon Valley.

Why? That’s the next most frequently asked question.  The concept of having me in California is that we can more easily grow and expand in our growth markets.  Our investors and new board have developed a view that selling in CA is the better direction for the company and to be effective, we need to be in CA.  The markets in CA are fueled by the California Solar Initiative that provides a rebate for installations using our technology as have one of the few SRCC certified technologies.

At the end of the day, this is all about bringing the best value to our employees and investors and I’m focused on making Sopogy the biggest company in Concentrating Solar Power.