APEC 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase winners awarded KHON 2 Reported by Marisa Yamane

The APEC Summit in November will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Hawaii businesses to showcase their products, services and technologies to a worldwide audience.

Five businesses have been chosen to represent the counties and the state.

APEC 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase winners awarded

It’s all part of the APEC 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase.”We understand there were 2000 companies that applied. From that they selected 35 local companies, and from that they selected five companies, so we’re just so honored to be part of the five,” said Darren Kimura, Sopogy President & CEO.

Sopogy, which is known for its solar power technology, was selected as the Honolulu County winner.

“We see the potential through this APEC opportunity to sell more technologies around the world, around Asia, that’ll create more jobs, create more tax revenue back into Hawaii, will allow us to continue building our business here,” said Kimura.


Photo courtesy of Darryl Watanabe photography