What’s next?

Back in March, I left the roles of Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer at Sopogy, Inc. a company I founded in 2002.  At the time, I had envisioned an opportunity to work side-by-side with our new Board and leadership to grow and lead Sopogy forward.  Unfortunately, this did not play out as such.

Thus, with a hand-over now complete to the leadership team from SunEdison, and after an incredible 11 years of building Sopogy, my tenure as a member of the staff at Sopogy has come to a close this week as I have been asked to step down as a member of team Sopogy.

This has been an amazing experience of planning, incubating, launching, commercializing, and globalizing our Hawaii technology company.  Many said it could not be done from Hawaii. Others doubted us every step of the journey.  Some still do.  Yet we took the an idea to become a global technology with customers around the world including some of the biggest companies in the world including Hitachi, Chevron, Toshiba, and InBev.  In addition our outstanding team developed over 130 megawatts in India, 360 megawatts in Thailand, and 105 megawatts in the Philippines.  The total portfolio has a value worth over $2.5 billion!  Almost unbelievable to think all this was done from Hawaii.

I thank our former Hawaii board, investors and employees for their hard work, their belief that we could achieve our common vision and their support over the many years. I thank Hawaii for giving us the opportunity to dream big.

Please know that this is not the end for Sopogy, just the end for me as a member of its staff.  I am hopeful for many great things yet to come.

Building a technology start-up company is challenging. As a percentage, the amount of companies that survive the journey is in the single digits. Doing it from Hawaii adds an additional level of intricacy and challenge.

In the future, I am excited to leverage my experiences to make start-up companies in Hawaii more efficient and increase the probability of success.

As for me, what’s next? Stay tuned…

Intersolar 2013

Presenting at Intersolar North America 2013

Solar thermal power plants are designed to deliver dispatchable power through storage (molten salt) or hybrid operation, thus enabling a higher total share of intermittent renewable energies in a future energy mix. However, significant cost reductions experienced by conventional crystalline wafer-based technologies have challenged the financial viability and commercial attractiveness of CSP projects worldwide. According to an analysis conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) CSP may have a share of about 12% of global power supply by 2050. In this session speakers will present the current and future technological trends of CSP applications, as well results and experienced gained through long-term operation and maintenance of CSP projects around the world. In addition, an overview will be given about the current status of market developments across various regions of the globe.

MicroCSP Technologies Darren T. Kimura, Founder, Chief Global Strategist, Chief Marketing Officer, Board of Directors, Sopogy Inc., U.S.

MicroCSP Technologies
Darren T. Kimura, Founder, Chief Global Strategist, Chief
Marketing Officer, Board of Directors, Sopogy Inc., U.S.