Community Service

[UPDATE: We want to thank everyone who supported the pledge drive.  We had a record setting evening, at some points with every available phone being used!  Pictures below.  Please continue […]

Sopogy and Sichuan Dongjia Investment Company

Marking the conclusion of weeklong activities for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Hawaii, a signing ceremony took place at the China Aloha Business Leaders’ night gala sponsored […]

Speaking from the 1800ʻs, Joseph Kepelino could not have envisioned the recent technological advancements taking place in Hawaiʻi and across the world. He did, however, accurately describe the inclination of […]

ALOHACONNECTS.COM TO CONNECT HAWAII BUSINESSES TO APEC MEMBER ECONOMIES This video shares the special “aloha” spirit of Hawaiʻi in a way that has rarely been done before. Produced by Pono […]

Manoa Innovation Center

Briefing legislators of the High Technology Development Corporation and the Manoa Innovation Center

Fear the Kimura

I saw this T-shirt and had to get it. The Kimura is a submission hold commonly seen in mixed martial arts fights. This submission effects mainly the shoulder joint, but […]