Keahole Solar Power’s Kona Project Name Contest

Earlier this year, Keahole Solar Power (KSP) and Sopogy sponsored a contest for the Hawaiian studies students at Konawaena High School to help us name the world’s first MicroCSP solar farm located at the Natural Energy Laboratories in Kona, Hawaii  (Satellite view of the site in early construction:

This project was a massive undertaking in which we brought new technology to Hawaii to help reduce the State’s 89% dependence on imported fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and create local jobs.   

The on-site work included mobilizing over 2oo local workers to assemble over 1,000 solar concentrating collectors, pulling together the engineering and scientific experts in Hawaii to design a system never before attempted in Hawaii and earning the full support of the government both from the Big Island of Hawaii – Hawaii County and the State of Hawaii, Legislature and Governor’s office. 

We now ask you to join us in helping select the best name/slogan from the 8 outstanding submissions below.  You can begin casting votes at 12 Noon on 6/18/09 by visiting   We want the world to know about how Hawaii and Kona is leading the way into a clean energy era so please circulate the vote to everyone you know. 

Thank you for your support of a clean and green future for all.

Best regards,
Darren T. Kimura


These are not listed in any particular order.  Please preview all names, images and write ups before voting. 

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Darren on Hawaii’s energy needs

I’ve noticed that lately, I’m getting asked the same question:  “What does Hawaii need to do to establish its place in the new energy market?”  My answers have changed over time but a theme is evolving around what I call the 3Ps.

Policy, Projects and People

Policy: Hawaii needs faster permitting for energy projects, incentives for renewable energy, we need government to enable its land to be used for renewable energy and we need the utility to support green power to the grid.  We also need government to set policies and get out of the way.  The uncertainty around policies kill projects.

Projects:  Hawaii needs to become the home for renewable energy project demonstration.  We need capital, companies and technologies to converge on Hawaii and set up projects in a real life, real time grid environment.  Critical mass and project diversity is required to make a compelling statement.  We’re off to a great start on the Big Island with Geothermal energy, Wind Energy, Sopogy’s Concentrating Solar Power at NELHA, Sopogy’s advanced thermal energy storage at NELHA, PV at NELHA, Bio Mass, Cogeneration, Run of river Hydro, Hydrogen at the Volcano National Park and Algae research.  Soon to come include Bio-diesel production.

People:  Hawaii needs energy education, energy vocation and energy vacation.  We need to seed, develop and export our energy intelligence.

I’ll continue working on this so stay tuned and follow along on Twitter as I use the microblog to vet ideas:

Hawaii Clean Energy Day – Darren Kimura

JUNE 6, 2009    9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


HCED Links


Sustain Your Brain
Sustainable lectures, workshops, & film series

$25 General; $15 Student/Senior

Find out how the HAWAI‘I CLEAN ENERGY INITIATIVE positions Hawai‘i as a leader in energy efficiency, and how you — a concerned citizen, business owner, organization, policy maker or school — can play a part in a more sustainable future.

The goal of the Hawai‘i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) is to dramatically increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies to meet 70% of Hawai‘i’s energy demand for electricity and ground transportation by 2030. Increasing clean energy and efficiency will reduce Hawai‘i’s reliance on imported oil—improving our economy and energy security—and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Christine Erwin

squareKeynote Address
The Opportunity of Our Lives: Bringing Clean Energy Home

Christine Ervin
Christine Ervin is a nationally respected leader and spokesperson on market-based strategies for green buildings, clean energy and climate change. She served as first President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council – home of LEED® and Greenbuild™ Conference & Expo; U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy under President Clinton; and director of the innovative Oregon Department of Energy. Today, Ervin is President of Christine Ervin/Company, and serves on numerous Boards including the American Council for Renewable Energy (ACORE) and Turner Construction’s Sustainability Advisory Board. Her upcoming book, Certified Green: How Unlikely Allies are Transforming Markets around the World, explores the promise and challenges of voluntary market-based initiatives. See full bio…


Clean Energy for Hawai‘i – Moving Forward
Moderated by Jeff Mikulina, Blue Planet Foundation; with panelists Representative Hermina Morita; Ted Liu, DBEDT; Robbie Alm, Hawaiian Electric Company; Mark Duda, Hawai‘i Solar Energy Association; Ray Starling, Hawai‘i Energy Efficiency Program, Public Benefits Fund.

Clean Energy for Hawai‘i – Creating It
Moderated by Mike Hamnet, UH Mānoa Hawai‘i Energy Policy Forum; with panelists Darren Kimura, Sopogy, Inc.; Pete Cooper, Better Place; Wren Wescoatt, First Wind; Kelly King, Pacific Biodiesel Inc.

Clean Energy for Hawai‘i – Sustaining It
Moderated by Mike Hamnet, UH Mānoa Hawai‘i Energy Policy Forum; with panelists James Koshiba, Kanu Hawaii; Carilyn Shon, DBEDT, Energy Efficiency Branch; Will Boudra, Forest City Military Communities; Gary Wassel, Cycle City, Ltd.


Exhibits are free and open to the public. Hours: 12:00 noon – 4:30 p.m.

squareRegistration Deadline

Deadline for online registration has been extended through June 2, 2009. Form of payment must accompany the registration. Credit card numbers submitted with registration will be processed upon receipt. Registrations will not be processed without payment. Continuous registration by fax and mail after June 2; does not include lunch.

Darren Kimura and team Sopogy at Hawaiian Humane Society

Sopogy Helps the Humane Society

May, 2009 – Sopogy team members, including founder & CEO Darren Kimura, participated in the Hawaiian Humane Society’s dog park project on Saturday, May 30. The volunteers moved a mountain of woodchips from the parking lot to the dog park. We’re told that the dogs are very happy with the improvements to their park. Thanks to the Sopogy team for their hard work and commitment to community service.

This was our Everest on this day

Better than presentations

Sopogy and Hickam AFB team

Darren Kimura and Robert Go

The End