Energy Star in Palau

THE Palau Energy Office (PEO) conducted yesterday a workshop among representatives from private and government agencies with the aim of identifying products guaranteed to be energy efficient that are available in the market.
The half-day activity held at the OMIP Laboratory Office of the Palau Community College is called Energy Star Workshop, which was in coordination with the Guam Energy Office and was funded by the US Department of Energy.

Invited resource person was Darren T. Kimura, President of the Energy Conservation Hawaii, LLC.
Participants came from the Public Utilities Corporation, Bureau of Public Safety, Bureao of Public Works, Ministry of Commerce and Trade and PCC Electronics Department. PEO Manager Gregorio Decherong said that the main objective of the workshop is to convey awareness and promote the aggregate purchase of energy star equipment and appliances.


Darren T. Kimura lectures for the Energy Star Program in Palau


Energy Star in Guam

The Guam energy office through special funding from the U.S Deaprtment of Energy conducted EPA Energy Star work shops in Guam.

Darren T. Kimura, President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Industries of Honolulu, Hawaii provided training on the Energy Star Portfolio Manager a program tool for determining a building’s energy saving potential.